Healing & Travel

Our favourite Zen Zone combination! When travelling to the other side of the world you are bound to find yourself intrigued by your surroundings. Combine your anti-stress, anti-age, detox, fitness or wellness programme with an unforgettable travel experience!

The luxurious comforts of a seaside retreat or the jasmine-scented healing centres introduce you to one aspect of the country – would you like to discover more? You can explore the many colourful faces of India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy and other destinations with the help of Zen Zone, where we create a tailor-made itinerary based on your wishes and travel style.

We have extensive first-hand knowledge of all the destinations we recommend – the Zen Zone team has lived and travelled in Asia for over five years. We know where to find the most welcoming locals, mouth-watering home-cooked meals, stunning sunsets, bustling street corners and scenic villages.

To make sure you can relax and enjoy your travels we take care of all the logistics, organising your accommodation, transport and excellent local guides. Given the chance, the beauties of the World will soothe your body and enchant your mind.

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