Zen Zone was created by sisters Neja and Lara Garvas - travel enthusiasts, former professional athletes and experienced tour guides with a journalistic background. We feel lucky to have grown up in a family with a restless and curious spirit that sparked in us a lifelong passion for travel. We travelled far and wide, always safe in the belief that every place can be beautiful as long as you explore it with an open heart and an open mind. Our love for travel took us farther than we ever could have dreamt.

While living on opposite sides of the world we eventually started missing each other too much and came to realise that staying at home has its merits. As long as we don’t have to stay for too long! We have tried every style of travel – from desert treks below the equator, diving holidays in the Philippines and bivouacking in the Brazilian jungle all the way to documentary filmmaking in West Papua and Zen retreats in the lush gardens of India.

We know that travelling keeps us young and after so many years of nomadic living we firmly believe that regular doses of travel are the best guarantee for staying not only youthful, but healthy as well. We firmly believe that one trip a year does wonders in keeping the doctors at bay.

In discovering Ayurvedic resorts we stumbled upon our Zen Zone. It's a place that each of us carries within, even though the stress of daily lives can make it difficult for us to find this healing core of fire, sun and peace. Luckily the masters of Eastern philosophy are here to show us the way! They inspired us to open a boutique travel agency that focuses on holistic healing through travel and Ayurveda. Welcome to Zen Zone!


Neja spent more than two years in India, the land of soft silks and sharp flavours. She explored behind the scenes of Bollywood, learned the Eastern art of haggling and discovered many Ayurvedic secrets along the way.


Lara's student exchange semester in Brazil almost led to a job at a TV house in Rio de Janeiro, but the local bureaucracy proved to be far from Zen. In Europe her passion for photography is most often sparked by Portugal and Iceland.

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