We believe in love at first sight! Only places with a special charm that excite and inspire us make it into our selection of Zen destinations.

We do not support mediocrity. We expect more from life, and from our Zen holidays! It is not enough for a resort to offer relaxation and healing. The first thing we check is the level of certification and professional training held by the Ayurvedic practitioners in the resort. We expect the staff to be exceptionally hospitable and attentive. Relaxation therapies and massages should be an unforgettable experience that transports us to another world and our food delicious and freshly prepared.

In addition, every Zen Zone resort offers an array of activities, so that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to our free time. We might go for a stroll through the village market or go shopping in a nearby town, stand in awe of the temples surrounded by untouched nature, take a cooking class or simply swing in a hammock with a good book that we have been longing to read.

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