Travel can inspire and heal, soothing our restless spirit, inquiring mind and yearning heart. It is the antidote for stress, neurosis and other contemporary enemies of a healthy body. When discovering new countries, laughing with strangers, enjoying an unfamiliar cuisine and admiring the wild colours of a tropical sunset, blood rushes through our veins with a renewed vitality, flushing out the troubles that weigh us down. The new vibrations of unfamiliar places, whether they are the hidden corners of our own country or on the other side of the world, untangle the tension in our minds and bodies. Nothing sets us free quite like fresh ideas and newly discovered ways of thinking.

All of this makes for our Zen experience. True, in its traditional definition Zen means self-control and inner peace, but for us it simply describes a moment in which we would like to linger. A Zen trip is any trip that interrupts the tedium of our daily routines and puts us in touch with our innermost selves. We wish you countless such experiences.

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