Bali is more than just one of Indonesia's 18.307 stunning islands. While its tropical beaches, rice paddies, numerous trekking opportunities and excellent sea food make it a popular tourist destination, it has much more to offer to those who know where to look. For the Balinese it is the Island of Gods. For us it is the island of divine pampering.

We escape the heat to Ubud, which enjoys cooler temperatures year-round due to its higher elevation. The name is derived from the local word ubad, meaning “medicine”. Once a traditional village and now an important cultural and spiritual centre, Ubud lies at the confluence of two holy rivers where nature has been generous with medicinal plants and herbs and the locals are well-versed in natural healing techniques. This charming town of countless temples is surrounded by lush tropical forests and steeped in a vibrant cultural and artistic atmosphere that will revitalize your body and spirit.

Ubud is a dream come true for all fans of healthy living! The streets are teeming with organic restaurants, yoga classes run from morning to evening and the health & spa resorts will make you want to stay forever.

Resort Collection

Resort & Spa
4/7 nights
from 151 €/night
Health Resort
4/7/10 nights
from 128 €/night
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