Wellness & Anti-stress program, Sri Lanka
A few months ago I finally decided to take some time for myself after a very stressful year. Before traveling I wasn't sure if daily massages and other self-indulgences would be the right thing for me. But what I experienced was a two-week-long divine program. The day began with yoga (this was my first contact with this kind of exercise), continued with delicious ayurvedic meals on the shore of the ocean (yes, healthy can be tasty :) followed by 3.5 hours of various massages, herbal baths, inhalations, drinking elixirs and meditation. In the afternoon I walked along sandy beaches and visited nearby villages and towns. If somebody would have told me before that I could put my body in such a relaxed state, I would never believe it. I made contact with myself again and felt inner peace, which I lacked so much in my stressful life. I returned home happier, relaxed, full of positive energy, and, as some peopled said, even younger! Zen Zone Travel is certainly something I recommend to everyone, regardless of the way of traveling you are used to. If you want to invest in yourself and your health and free yourself from stress, this is the journey you are looking for.


Healing Spa program, Bali
"Arriving at Bagus Jati was fantastic! Bali opened up a whole new world for me. Bagus Jati is a perfect holistic resort to calm down your body and spirit. Every day I woke up surrounded by the green colors of the lush tropical vegetation and the sounds of nature. My days began with gentle morning yoga, and continued with organic breakfast, pampering massages, fun water aerobics, and finished with a relaxing meditation. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I arrived back home with the desire to return back to Bali as soon as possible."
Zen Zone Yoga Retreat, Tuscany
The Yoga Retreat in Tuscany took place in a stunningly beautiful and peaceful location. Morning yoga class with a view of Tuscan olive groves and vineyards will remain in my memory forever. Daily Yoga Course was suitable for beginners (like me) and for more experienced. In addition to yoga classes, we enjoyed every day plenty of other fun activities. My favorites were wine tasting in a local wine cellar and hiking through beautiful Tuscan hills. The emphasis of this retreat was on active relaxation, disconnection from everyday life, and healthy yet very tasty local food (the resort leaders are happy to share recipes!). A real treat for your soul! 
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