Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort
from 95,00 €/night

Siddhalepa, one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful resorts, greets the sun surrounded by abundant tropical forest, dipping its toes into the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. Among its many awards it boasts the title of Sri Lanka's Best Green Hotel & Energy Conservation Champion (EU SWITCH – Asia Green Awards 2012). The architectural design thoughtfully reflects Sri Lankan tradition and cultural heritage through history.


Siddhalepa Resort is the home of high-end Ayurvedic treatments that have spread their roots all the way to Europe. Its internationally acclaimed brand of traditional Ayurvedic medicines is exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. During your stay at the resort you are welcome to visit their manufacturing facilities where the medicines are still made by hand and in accordance with ancient tradition. You will also get a guided tour of the tropical garden - over 400 types of plants growing there are used in Ayurvedic treatments.

In Siddhalepa you can expect a truly outstanding experience – beautiful accommodation, friendly staff, experienced Ayurvedic physicians and therapists and delicious Ayurvedic food prepared with ingredients from the resort's own garden, the nearby market and the turquoise ocean. Once your day of pampering is over you would be hard-pressed to find a sight more mesmerising than that of the setting sun dipping behind the ocean's horizon.


Tourism Inspire Award 2015 for Best Culture and Heritage Tourism provider

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

Best Green Hotel- EU SWITCH Asia Green Award 2012



  • Accommodation of your choice
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments (2,5 h/day)
  • Ayurvedic vegetarian full board meal (including Vegetables & Fish)
  • Initial, daily and final consultation by the doctor
  • Free medicines during the treatment period
  • Ayurveda Fruit Juices with Breakfast
  • Ayurveda Tea during the Day
  • 2x 1 Hour Yoga Sessions per day on 6 days of the week
  • One Session of Meditation per week
  • Traditional Sweets with afternoon Tea


  • Personal advising from Zen Zone travel experts
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Session
  • Ayurvedic Lecture and Elixir Tasting
  • Ayurvedic Production Factory visit
  • Fruit basket on arrival (for bookings of 6 days or more)
  • Ayurvedic Product Gift Pack

Reviews of Zen Travelers

A few months ago I finally decided to take some time for myself after a very stressful year. It seemed logical to spend it on a journey. After years of adventurous trips this time I wanted something new and different. The two-weeks Zen Zone Anti-stress program at Siddhalepa in Sri Lanka caught my eyes. Before traveling I was a bit worried that daily massages and other self-indulgences would made me bored. But what I experienced was indescribable ... Two weeks of divine program ... The day began with yoga (this was my first contact with this kind of exercise), continued with delicious ayurvedic meals on the shore of the ocean (yes, healthy can be tasty :) and with three hours and half of various massages, herbal baths, inhalations, drinking elixirs, meditation, everything in the company of a very pleasant staff. In the afternoon I walked along sandy beaches and visited nearby villages and towns. All the senses have enjoyed the best of these two weeks!

  • Beauty care & Antiaging (6, 13 or 20 nights) Open or Close

    As a holistic health science Ayurveda relates to every aspect of the mind, body and the soul. It considers beauty as an intimate part of the human personality. Ayurveda beauty care deals with overall well being of the body, including skin care, hair growth, eye sight, hands and nail care. The best part of this holistic program is removing all the toxic wastes from the body and uplifting the purification process which lays emphasis on internal beauty. Since there is a sense of mental peace and tranquility which is reflected by the appearance disguised with cosmetics. In other words Ayurveda emphasizes on internal beauty rather than externally made up beauty. It is believed in ayurveda that one can enhance internal beauty by understanding and obeying natural laws of beauty.

  • Wellness and anti-stress (13, 20 or 27 nights) Open or Close

    This anti-stress programme provides the benefits of the healing energy of nature and its natural cycles. It includes rejuvenating ayurvedic massages and treatments with daily yoga, relaxation with breathing techniques and evening meditation. The program is complemented by a fresh and healthy Ayurvedic diet. It is intended to increase the general well-being of individuals who are subjected to stress in a rapid rhythm of everyday life.

  • Purification and Rejuvenation (13, 20 or 27 nights) Open or Close

    In Ayurveda, Rasayanachikitsa, or rejuvenation therapy is a golden path to attain longevity and healthy aging. Major benefits of Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy are: Long life, Increase in memory power, good health, younger looking, glowing skin, modulated voice, calmness, resistance to diseases. In discourses of Ayurveda sages were well acquainted with the decaying and depletion of cells and the affects which the aging body and how it can be responsible for many health problems. The Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy includes body massage with head, hand and foot by highly experienced therapists with medicated oil and internal rejuvenative medicines and medicated steam bath.

  • Weight loss (13, 20 or 27 nights) Open or Close

    An Ayurvedic approach to achieving ideal weight is based on understanding the body and changing lifestyle to achieve a balance in metabolism. This helps to maintain a healthy body and greater flexibility in everyday tasks. The goal of this programme is to approach to ideal body weight and change of metabolism.

    In Ayurveda underweight and overweight are signs of any imbalance of system and indicating erratic lifestyle. This can happen irrespective of how much or how little food you eat but how you maintain your behaviour and food pattern. Health problems related to weight normally arise with your uncontrolled food intake, improper digestion or metabolism and unmanaged energy consumption. Overweight or obesity is mostly found in people with predominantly kapha-type constitutions and having a sedentary lifestyle. When these people suffer from poor digestion and low digestive fire food is not processed properly in turn, it can result in weight gain or obesity.

  • Tailor made programme Open or Close

    Ayurveda can cure many causes of ailments and diseases, such as migraines, asthma, skin disorders, spine and joint pain, allergies etc. At Siddhalepa Ayurveda resort you can have a custom designed program with an emphasis on your physical and/or psychological health.

  • Tipical Day Open or Close

    On the first day, guests will have an initial consultation with the physician at Siddhalepa resort, which would take about 30 minutes. During this consultation, your prakurthi equilibrium and the imbalances of your three doshas will be identified by the physician. The physician would then prescribe a treatment procedure and a dietary regimen based on the food values in Ayurveda concepts. A schedule for yoga exercises and meditation will be given for you to follow. Thereafter, you will have a daily follow-up consultation of 10 minutes with Siddhalepa's Ayurveda physician who will decide if you should continue with the same treatments, alter the treatment duration, or change the treatment methods and procedures.

    Based on the package selected, you will have daily Ayurveda treatments of varying durations, with the minimum of 2.5 hours of Ayurveda treatments per day.

    General programme:

    7.00 8.00 Yoga
    8.15 9.00 Breakfast
    9.00 12.30 Time for therapies as prescribed by the doctor according to the individual plan. On average, the guest is given 2.5 hours of therapy per day.
    12.30 14.00 Lunch
    14.00 16.00 Time for therapies as prescribed by the doctor according to the individual plan.

    Afternoon: Activities like visiting a herbal garden, meditation, demonstration of ayurvedic cooking, lectures on herbs and spices, excursions around the area and more.
    18.30 20.30 Dinner


  • Accommodation Open or Close

    Superior Terrace
    Affording unobstructed views of Siddhalepa's well designed pool, each room spans 42 square metres and lets you indulge in a wide array of amenities and facilities. Marrying simplistic design with a clever use of space, the Superior Terrace is fully air-conditioned and complete with a high ceiling living area, an inviting sitting area to curl up with your favourite book and a spacious bathroom which contains a two person bathtub and products, rich in herbal ingredients. Wake up to sights of lush coconut trees and medicinal plants and enjoy a truly tropical ambience; a feature that has made Siddhalepa's arguably the best Ayurveda resort Sri Lanka has to offer.

    Superior Balcony
    Imagine a comfortable abode that attends to your every whim and fancy, giving you the opportunity to sit back, relax and take in the glorious surrounds of Siddhalepa Ayurvedic resort. The 42 square metre Superior Balcony Room is immaculately laid out, overlooking beautiful gardens and the stunning Indian Ocean in the distance. Designed in a way that ensures your total wellbeing, the room comprises traditional motifs with traces of medicinal wood together with a range of modern facilities to select from. Stand out on the private balcony and gaze out as the world passes by.

    Deluxe Bungalows
    Feel one with nature as you begin to settle into your stay at Siddhalepa Ayurveda resort. Resort's Deluxe Bungalows built like chalets, are made using a collection of natural materials that lets you connect with Mother Nature. The tranquillity is heightened with illuminated, spacious living areas and a private terrace from where the sights and sounds of the ocean can be enjoyed. The 49 square metre bungalows are air conditioned for comfort in the tropical temperatures, yet offer a unique living experience; delight in a rain shower and the convenience of using Ayurveda products in complete privacy.

    Deluxe Suites

    Siddhalepa's Deluxe Suites are an oasis set in a tropical wilderness, inviting you to experience everything the resort offers in the sanctity of these luxurious suites. The spacious 65 square metre suite has a four-poster king-size bed, living area with comfortable sofas to sink into, surround sound system, large terrace / balcony with seating and an open-to-sky luxurious bathroom with large bathtub.
    Enjoy a fine dining experience with a selection of Ayurveda dishes prepared by Siddhalepa's chefs in the complete privacy of your in-suite dining area. To complete your total privacy and isolation, indulge in a spa experience under the expertise of a well trained therapist in your own space inside the Deluxe Suite. A range of spa amenities are stocked in your suite for your relaxation and pleasure, providing a most unique escape amidst Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka.

  • Location and Weather Open or Close

    A secluded hideaway along Sri Lanka’s southern coastline set amidst palm trees and tropical greenery, Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort Wadduwa provides true tranquillity away from the bustling city. Featuring traditional architectural designs made from locally sourced materials, the resort lies close to the town of Kalutara with its impressive temple and is 65 kms away from Colombo International Airport.

    This convenient location ensures one can experience the wonders of the island’s famed South Coast with excursions providing sun drenched beaches, cultural highlights and hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. There is a choice of number of tours including to the famed coastal city of Galle, home to the Dutch Fort and ramparts, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with a dry and a wet season. The monsoon envelops different parts of the island at different times of year, making Sri Lanka the ideal travel destination year-round: one can escape the rain by simply moving to the other side of the island!

    Temperatures remain fairly constant on the southwest coast, home to Siddhalepa Resort, hovering at an average of 25 - 30 oC. The dry and wet season are as follows:

    The dry season promises blue skies from December to March. Siddhalepa bathes in sunshine, with the ocean a mesmerising shade of turquoise.

    The monsoon sweeps the coast from May to August. Occasional short downpours are to be expected, but it is rare for the rain to continue throughout the day. According to tradition this season is best for Ayurvedic treatments as the climate enhances the treatments and intensifies their effects.

  • Rates Open or Close

    The price of the package starts at 95 €/day depending on time of travel, selected program, accommodation and number of travelers.

    For exact pricing details, please contact us with the mentioned details to We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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