Dubbed India’s younger sister, Sri Lanka is smaller and friendlier than its older sibling. Although similar to India in many ways, from cultural diversity to loud rickshaws and the even louder masala chai sellers, it speaks to people in a gentler voice. Sri Lanka is bound to captivate anyone who would like to see India but hesitates to take that step for one reason or another.

Those who are fond of the sun and turquoise seas will fall in love with Sri Lanka at first glance. It will seduce them with its verdant tapestries of tea bushes and paradise beaches perfect for romantic walks. It will be fragrant with exotic spices and clad in the sparkling smiles of kind locals.

Sri Lanka is irresistible, especially with its abundant, fresh coconuts and juicy papayas. Visit your favourite nature sights on an elephant’s back. Experience a superb Ayurvedic massage and learn about the ancient teachings of the balance of the body, mind and soul. At the end of your visit, you will be astonished, grateful and pleased as this tiny, tear-shaped country leaves a lasting impression on your mind.

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